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Adelaide Solar Repairs & Maintenance Services

Similarly to how a mechanic can help to maintain your car, the qualified team of solar experts at C & R All Spark Electrical can help to ensure that your solar system is running at peak performance through our ongoing repair and maintenance services.

Over the years we have established a track record for providing clean, affordable energy to our customers. Our team is fully licensed to service all components of solar systems, so we’re confident that no matter what issue you’re facing with your solar – we’ll be able to help!


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Solar Repairs & Maintenance Across Adelaide

Common Solar System Issues

As with any type of technology, solar energy systems can encounter issues due to defects, as well as wear and tear. Below are some of the common issues we tend to come across with solar systems in Adelaide: 

Solar Panel Degradation

Solar panels consist of photovoltaic cells that are quite fragile, leading to micro cracks over time. These cracks are difficult to detect and will only become noticeable once they’re grown larger. Micro cracks can disturb the flow of energy in the solar panels, hindering them from performing efficiently.

Potential Induced Degradation (PID)

PID occurs when there’s a huge electrical potential difference between the front and back electrodes of photovoltaic cell modules. This may be caused by extreme temperatures or high humidity. PID leads to current leakage, or reduced power attenuation of the battery. 

Partial Voltage Discharge

Partial voltage discharge occurs when electrical discharge does not bridge the gap between two electrodes. It may be due to a defect, or surges. Usually, partially shaded solar cells will have different output values as they typically decrease the output current and voltage.

Electrical Wiring Issues

At times, solar panel problems do not stem from the panel itself, but from other electrical wiring components. Since solar energy systems are connected to the electrical grid, it can also experience problems with electrical connections, such as faulty wiring. 

If you’ve encountered any of the common solar panel problems listed above, or unsure what the issue is, you can give our friendly professional team a call anytime. We have qualified and licensed electricians near you, available 24/7, to keep your solar system running, or conduct repairs as quickly as possible. 

Make sure to work only with a reputable solar panel company like C & R All Spark Electrical to maintain or install your solar panels and to avoid further issues down the line. Regular solar system checks and maintenance helps you save money from your energy bills in the long run.

If you’ve encountered any of the above, or even if you’re not quite sure what the problem is, you can give our friendly team a call anytime. We have qualified and licensed electricians near you available 24/7 to keep your solar system running, or conduct repairs as quickly as possible.

Solar System Repairs

The longer your solar system is either under-performing, or not working at all, the more you’ll be relying on energy from the grid – which also means your power bill will be going back up.

We want to ensure that we get your solar system repaired and back online as soon as we can so that you can enjoy the benefits of having the system installed in the first place.

Sometimes we can perform quick fixes to your existing solar system, and sometimes we may need to order in replacement components. Whatever the issue, we start with going through our quick questionnaire over the phone to see if we can help to diagnose the issue. If your system is showing an error code, please try to take a photo or write down the code as this will assist our team in helping you.

From there, where necessary we organise a visit to your property so we can properly investigate the concerns relating to your solar system repairs.

If you’d like more information about our solar system repair and maintenance services, or to get a quote on a brand new solar system for your home, please contact our team on 08 8260 4078, or request an estimate via the button below.

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Thomas from C & R was punctual, professional, left the room spotless after changing over my ceiling fan. He also disposed of the old one for me and gave me some other handy advice. Would definitely recommend and use again in the future.
Lianne Neagle
Lianne Neagle
03:29 22 May 24
Very happy with C & R Spark Extrical, with repairs to home, adter Power Surge, early September 2023.Very professional.Simon Mortimer
Simon Mortimer
Simon Mortimer
01:35 22 Sep 23
Installation of aircon vents throughout home went well and Riley was professional , neat, tidy and on time couldn't ask for more.
Rosa Carbone
Rosa Carbone
05:13 01 Sep 23
I would highly recommend C& R All Spark electrical to all my friends. The electrician who performed the work at our home was extremely thorough and cleaned up after completion of his work.As always Richard 's staff are professional and polite.
Julie Schubert
Julie Schubert
09:45 30 Aug 23
Very professional company. Great communication of what the estimate cost was going to be with written information of the job in detail. Quote was was not altered after the job was completed.The workmen were very professional and polite with minimum mess made while completing their work. Very impressed I would recommend them in a heart beat.
Raymond McMahon
Raymond McMahon
12:57 20 Jul 23
C & R were very professional and friendly when I first contacted them. They spent time over the phone talking about my needs and were able to draw up a plan. They worked around my schedule. On the day, they showed up right on time and involved me with the minor changes they need to make. They finished on time and left the house clean. I will be using these guys in the future.
Elizabeth Thompson
Elizabeth Thompson
10:28 01 Jun 23
The team at C&R Electrical are always friendly, responsive and professional. I have used C&R for various electrical and alarm installations and repairs and highly recommend them!
Richard Dahl
Richard Dahl
09:10 01 Jun 23