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Your switchboard is an important part of your home, rental property, office or workshop’s electrical grid. It is responsible for sending electricity to different parts of your residential or commercial property.

If it suddenly fails, the consequences can cause loss of time & money.

This is why you should enlist the help of a qualified local electrician to ensure the electrical safety of your home or business. Our accredited and insured electricians can assist you with upgrading your electrical switchboard, professional switchboards installation, repair or maintenance, to ensure your property is electrically safe & mitigate any potential issues that maybe present.

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Thomas from C & R was punctual, professional, left the room spotless after changing over my ceiling fan. He also disposed of the old one for me and gave me some other handy advice. Would definitely recommend and use again in the future.
Lianne Neagle
Lianne Neagle
03:29 22 May 24
Very happy with C & R Spark Extrical, with repairs to home, adter Power Surge, early September 2023.Very professional.Simon Mortimer
Simon Mortimer
Simon Mortimer
01:35 22 Sep 23
Installation of aircon vents throughout home went well and Riley was professional , neat, tidy and on time couldn't ask for more.
Rosa Carbone
Rosa Carbone
05:13 01 Sep 23
I would highly recommend C& R All Spark electrical to all my friends. The electrician who performed the work at our home was extremely thorough and cleaned up after completion of his work.As always Richard 's staff are professional and polite.
Julie Schubert
Julie Schubert
09:45 30 Aug 23
Very professional company. Great communication of what the estimate cost was going to be with written information of the job in detail. Quote was was not altered after the job was completed.The workmen were very professional and polite with minimum mess made while completing their work. Very impressed I would recommend them in a heart beat.
Raymond McMahon
Raymond McMahon
12:57 20 Jul 23
C & R were very professional and friendly when I first contacted them. They spent time over the phone talking about my needs and were able to draw up a plan. They worked around my schedule. On the day, they showed up right on time and involved me with the minor changes they need to make. They finished on time and left the house clean. I will be using these guys in the future.
Elizabeth Thompson
Elizabeth Thompson
10:28 01 Jun 23
The team at C&R Electrical are always friendly, responsive and professional. I have used C&R for various electrical and alarm installations and repairs and highly recommend them!
Richard Dahl
Richard Dahl
09:10 01 Jun 23

Switchboard Fundamentals

What Is a Switchboard?

A switchboard is an important component of your electrical systems which safely distribute electricity throughout residential and commercial facilities. It provides electricity to loads or other sub-boards & will disseminate the electrical current into smaller load circuits, while providing circuit protection. It essentially provides a circuit breaker, Rcbos (safety switches) & or fuse’s for electrical circuits in an enclosure.

A switchboard structure consists of a switchboard frame & or enclosure, earthing system, bus bar, electrical wiring, overcurrent protective devices, fuse’s, metering, rcbo’s or RCD safety switches & circuit breakers. The switchboard enclosure houses all these components in one please to ensure the electricity can be isolated safely in one place if & when required.

Switchboards have a voltage & amperage rating that refers to the level of voltage & current that they can carry safely without being damaged. When choosing a switchboard, make sure you know the maximum continuous current required (maximum demands) and available fault current. These three are important in determining the design of your new switchboard.

Electrical Switchboard Upgrade Services in Adelaide - C & R All Spark Electrical
How do you know if your switchboard is faulty? - C & R All Spark Electrical

How do I know that my switchboard is outdated?

The switchboard is a complex device. Only professionals can accurately analyse its inner workings and identify problems. But there are simple things you can look out for to help you know if your switchboard is faulty, or if it needs an upgrade:

When should You Upgrade An Outdated Switchboard?

If Your Safety Switch or Circuit Breaker is Constantly Tripping

It’s most likely caused by short circuits, damaged wiring, or general wear and tear on an older switchboard. It’s time to get a qualified electrician to inspect the switchboard to prevent accidents, electrical fire and or electric shock.

If Your Switchboard is Over 25 Years Old

An old switchboard can get overloaded over time as it may not have been designed to handle modern electrical appliances produced in recent years. Some older switchboards are also not able to handle the higher electric load of modern appliances which poses a fire risk to your family.

If your switchboard is old, chances are it doesn’t comply with current regulations.

If You're Unsure How Old Your Current Switchboard is

You can easily find out. Simply look for the installation date, ceramic fuses, asbestos panelling on the main panel or send a photo of the board in with your enquire for our team to re-view. If any of the above is present its probably old and needs a replacement & or upgrading.

If you need a switchboard upgrade, make sure your only communicating with an experienced & licensed electrician to do the job.
Electrical Switchboard - C & R All Spark Electrical

Why Is Electrical Switchboards Maintenance Important?

Protecting your switchboard is necessary for safeguarding both you, your family & business’s well-being. Regular maintenance allows you to do this with ease.

Don't Risk it! Get Regular Switchboard Maintenance

Don’t risk the safety of your home, rental
property, office or workshop! Get regular maintenance for your switchboard.


Get regular maintenance for your switchboard - C & R All Spark Electrical