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Looking for a Residential or Commercial Electrician for Safety Inspection in Adelaide?

Whenever you experience power outages or tripping safety switches, you probably won’t even think twice about calling your neighbourhood electrician. But when it comes to preventing such issues from occurring in the first place, most people won’t give it a second thought.

Such hesitation and negligence to consult an accredited service provider for an electrical safety check can do more harm than good, considering that faulty wiring and overloaded circuits are the primary reason for countless electrical fires and shock hazards. This is why conducting periodic electrical safety inspections are critical to ensure that your electrical installations are working correctly.

An electrical safety inspection by C & R All Spark Electrical can save you a lot of hassles down the line. C & R All Spark Electrical is a leading electrical service based business in Adelaide and we’re here to help you ensure the safety of your properties.


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Very happy with C & R Spark Extrical, with repairs to home, adter Power Surge, early September 2023.Very professional.Simon Mortimer
Simon Mortimer
Simon Mortimer
01:35 22 Sep 23
Installation of aircon vents throughout home went well and Riley was professional , neat, tidy and on time couldn't ask for more.
Rosa Carbone
Rosa Carbone
05:13 01 Sep 23
I would highly recommend C& R All Spark electrical to all my friends. The electrician who performed the work at our home was extremely thorough and cleaned up after completion of his work.As always Richard 's staff are professional and polite.
Julie Schubert
Julie Schubert
09:45 30 Aug 23
Very professional company. Great communication of what the estimate cost was going to be with written information of the job in detail. Quote was was not altered after the job was completed.The workmen were very professional and polite with minimum mess made while completing their work. Very impressed I would recommend them in a heart beat.
Raymond McMahon
Raymond McMahon
12:57 20 Jul 23
C & R were very professional and friendly when I first contacted them. They spent time over the phone talking about my needs and were able to draw up a plan. They worked around my schedule. On the day, they showed up right on time and involved me with the minor changes they need to make. They finished on time and left the house clean. I will be using these guys in the future.
Elizabeth Thompson
Elizabeth Thompson
10:28 01 Jun 23
The team at C&R Electrical are always friendly, responsive and professional. I have used C&R for various electrical and alarm installations and repairs and highly recommend them!
Richard Dahl
Richard Dahl
09:10 01 Jun 23
Ezra came out on time and not only did a great job he presented really well.He is definitely an asset to the company!Quite refreshing actually to have a tradie be as thorough and diligent for the task !More than happy to recommend him and the company for future works
Matthew Lovell
Matthew Lovell
08:25 18 May 23

What Is an Electrical Safety Check?

An electrical safety check keeps your residence or business establishment away from potential electrical hazards. A regular electrical inspection can be for an old home or for a new property. These can help uncover any outdated or faulty wiring, inadequate electrical work, as well as identifying faulty electrical components that can lead to fire and shock hazards.

Set and Forget Commercial Electrical Maintenance - C & R All Spark Electrical

Electrical Safety Inspection For Electical Installations

Two types of electrical safety inspections can be conducted for any home or business property. These two types of inspections are a rough-in and an electrical property inspection.

A rough-in inspection is done after the 1’st fix electrical installation this is done before the interior walls (gyprock) is installed. The licensed electrician will conduct a visual inspection of the cable sizes and types being installed while also checking the wiring of the electrical switch board & cabling routes.

Note: We will require your electrical plans for this inspection.

A electrical property inspection is one that is done after the walls and fittings have been installed. The electrician will check the operations of switches, power outlets (voltage, polarity & trip times), correct operation & location of smoke alarms (if there is one within the property), switch board operation of lights & lighting control as well as the cabling within the roof space.

This process typically takes hours as the electrician would have to go through the roof space & each room to examine the electrical system. Once the inspection is done, the electrician will issue a report as to what needs to be fixed as well as the overall condition of your home’s electrical wiring.

Professional Testing & Tagging Services for Electrical Equipment & Electrical Appliances

Electrical maintenance involves a testing and tagging procedure to ensure that your residential, commercial property or operations is complying with national electrical legislations and workplace safety regulations.

Test & tag is the process by which a competent person performs a careful examination of the electrical appliance present in your premises. By ensuring that an appliance is working properly (with the aid of a portable appliance tester), the electrician can ensure the safety of people coming into contact with the equipment.

Test and tag services look for any irregularities in your electrical appliance, such as faulty wiring, plugs, exposed or tangled cables; while also checking for any leakages or tripping risk. Once the tag and testing is done, the equipment will have a tag which states that it is in good working condition; with the name of the electrician or company that conducted the test, and when the next testing will be due.

C & R All Spark Electrical - Professional Testing & Tagging Services for Electrical Equipment & Electrical Appliances
Electrical Safety Checks - C & R All Spark Electrical

Remain Safety Compliant with Electical Safety Checks

Electrical safety inspections and tests are carried out by licensed electricians to ensure that no electrical faults or hazards are present in your home or commercial facility.

However, keeping your premises safe is your responsibility. Whatever environment you’re in, it is important to ensure you’re compliant for electrical safety and that you’re offering a range of protection for your household or employees while avoiding violations or other issues.

Understanding the specific regulations in your industry for electrical work is of utmost importance. Since electrical standards evolve over time, it is crucial to keep your property up todate with the latest standards to remain compliant.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is important to test and tag electrical equipment as per AS/NZS3760.  Appliances should be tested within the specified time frames outlined in the standards to ensure they are functioning properly and pose no harm to the lives of those who use them on a regular basis.

Electrical equipment and instruments should be visually inspected before each use to minimize the risk to operators and protect them from any hazards.

Periodic electrical safety inspection should be conducted every five years for a rental property and 10 years for an owner-occupied home. Electrical safety checks help you identify any defects or issues with your electrical system, such as cables or switchboards that may need to be installed or other components that need repair or replacement unknowingly.

Electrical products sold or used in Australia should be deemed electrically safe and complies with the joint Australian and New Zealand standard AS/NZS 3820. Electrically safe means that the equipment is free from electrical risks.