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Home Security Cameras: Professional vs DIY Install

As crime rates across Australia continue to rise, home security cameras also continue to increase in popularity.  Australian homeowners are investing in home security cameras as they serve not only as a deterrent to potential criminal activity, but also as a recovery tool as they provide evidence in case of break-in or other crime.

They also offer peace of mind, as the homeowner can check in on their property throughout the workday, or even while they’re away on holiday.

But a commonly debated question we often hear revolves around professional or DIY security camera installation – which is better?

While DIY options might be cheaper in the short run, professionally installed home security cameras offer a host of benefits that can make a professional install a very worthwhile, long-term investment in your home’s protection.

home security camera installed in a house

DIY Home Security Camera Installation:  The Pros & Cons

DIY home security cameras, such as Ring cameras, are popular for their affordability, accessibility and ease of use.  However, they also come with their downsides.



  • Cost Effective: DIY home security camera systems are generally cheaper upfront.
  • Flexibility for Installation: There’s no need to organise an installer, waiting for them to turn up within their specified window, and inviting them into your home.
  • Good for Renters: Some DIY systems are also able to be removed, making them suitable for people who are renting a property.



  • Limited Range: A lot of DIY systems may not provide full coverage of your property, leaving blind spots and vulnerabilities.
  • False Alarms: DIY home security cameras can have trouble distinguishing between suspicious activity and harmless motion (such as the neighbour’s cat walking across your front lawn!), and this can lead to frequent and annoying false alarms.
  • Hacking Risks: Cheaper security cameras often lack essential security features, and this makes them more susceptible to the threat of hackers.  Hacked footage from your cameras could be monitored by someone else, or in the worst cases, even posted to the internet.
  • Inadequate Performance: Purchasing a cheaper, DIY home security camera system may result in something that doesn’t meet all of your needs, leaving you with more frustration than peace of mind.
  • Installation Troubles: DIY installation often means climbing ladders, getting into tricky spaces, continual readjustments to get the coverage right, and possibly even ugly wires dangling or drill holes showing.


Professional Home Security Camera Installation:  Pros & Cons

Our recommendation is that if you are able to opt for professional installation by a qualified and licensed individual, then this is the way to go.

However, we will explore pros and cons for this alternative as well.


  • Upfront Expense: Engaging a professional to install your cameras will of course be more expensive than doing it yourself, as they need to be compensated for their time.
  • Monitoring Contracts: Some home security camera systems come with external monitoring, but these can involve expensive lock-in contracts so it is worth exploring this with your installer before signing anything.
  • Installer in your home: You will essentially be asking a stranger into your home, and some people may not feel comfortable with this.  Before engaging a home security camera installer or qualified electrician, check their licensing, and read their Google reviews to make sure they have happy customers.



  • Addressing Your Concerns: We will work with you to understand any unique security concerns that you may have, such as protecting your front yard or side access points, and choosing the right system that can be tailored to meet your needs.
  • Customised Solution: We can conduct a thorough assessment of your property to determine the best locations for cameras and sensors to ensure optimal coverage.
  • Hassle-Free Setup: The installer will handle the entire setup for you, so no need to fiddle with instruction manuals, or get frustrated when things don’t connect properly.
  • Professional Install: Sometimes the best place for a security camera is going to be where there is no existing or easy to access power source.  A qualified electrician like C & R All Spark Electrical can drill holes and run concealed wiring, ensuring a neat and reliable setup.
  • Correct System Operation: At the time of installation, we will ensure that everything is working correctly.  This includes aiming, focusing and adjusting the cameras, as well as making sure that you’ve got the relevant app on your smartphone and that it’s working properly for you.
  • User Guidance: We’ll walk you through the ins and outs of your new system, so you’ll know how to use it without having to watch annoying tutorial videos.


homeowner viewing 3 feeds from their home security cameras on a mobile device


While DIY home security camera systems may seem appealing thanks to their lower upfront costs, they come with some limitations that can actually compromise your home’s security.  Investing in the professional installation by a qualified and licensed individual will not only ensure that your system is setup correctly, but also provides you with the peace of mind that will address your needs, and help to protect your home and loved ones.

If you would like a quote on a security camera system for your home, please get in touch with us.

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